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Monday 02.07.2007, 03:27 PM
Reviewing Sleeping Witness? (2)
Reviewing Sleeping Witness?
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OK, just some things I have found with it initially.

1) When you login, it asks for your email, but in fact wants your username

2) After you login, it goes to the my details page, which is confusing because it shows your login details, so looks as though you haven't logged in. Could it go to the home instead.

3) I can't find anyway to delete a post (you should be able to delete your own post). Reason being I have a post about a room to let that is a year out of date on here and can't get rid of it.

4) The New Post option isn't very obvious. It took me a little while to find it, I think having the option between the menu bar and the posts somewhere might be better.

5) Not sure the image upload is working, because Nina has added an image to her post but it isn't displaying.

6) Need an 'Other' or 'Chat' category because there is nowhere to put posts like this one.

Sorry, this seems a bit negative, but it's always easier to say whats wrong.

7) Also, people said that they wanted to discuss the last book. Which category would that go under?

8) Just about to post this and the button says 'Save', wouldn't 'Post' make more sense?
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July 03, 03:33AM, 2007
  A more serious issue is that I can't see the main body of the post 'Reviewing Sleeping Witness'.

I posted it again, but the same problem. Not sure what the problem is here, since the post for this topic worked fine.
July 03, 03:22AM, 2007
  A couple more things:

1) Could it save a cookie for the login
2) Could the posts in the blog be sorted according to the date of the latest comment, because at the moment they are sorted according to the date of the original post, which means if you won't necessarily see that there are new comments on an old post.
July 02, 03:29AM, 2007
  Appears to only be for a new post and not comments on an existing post.
July 02, 03:28AM, 2007
  9) Another one, after making a post, it takes you back to the 'my details' page, could it go to the home page.
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