Friday 03.08.2007
Book Group Birthday Party - 14 August 2007
N Shore 05:49pm We'll be celebrating our 4th birthday @ Nanobyte in Soho on Tuesday, 14 August!!

Wednesday 27.06.2007
Book Club Birthday Party
N Shore 03:58pm It'll be our 4th birthday in July/August...
Friday 22.06.2007
Great British Beer Festival
Chris 09:52am Well, I mentioned this at the meeting this month and there appeared to be a lot of interest, so anyone who is interested in going, let me know and we can arrange the best date. Details are at click here
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Three graphic novelists offer glimpses into the future of the form. In Exit Wounds, Rutu Modan of Tel Aviv collective Actus unfolds the traumas of an Israeli son whose father may have been the victim of a suicide bombing; a dream-logic fills Polish-born Andrzej Klimowski's imagery in new book Horace Dorlan; Philip Marlowe and Dan Dare are re-imagined by British designer Rian Hughes in Yesterday's Tomorrows. 7pm, 15 June 2007 at the ICA