About us

Zone 1 book group was founded by our legendary ex-chairman Pritt in Spring 2003.

His idea was for a group of keen readers to meet once a month, in a private pub room somewhere in Central London, for the purpose of discussing a specific book.

The rules were thus:

  • We meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 7pm.
  • You are welcome to turn up without having finished the book - especially if you can explain why you didn't like it (or had trouble with it).
  • Books are chosen by a simple voting process. Anyone can pitch a book for the next month's discussion. We then vote for our favourite pitch by show of hands. Unless there is a clear favourite, we knock out the books with the least support and vote again, etc, etc.
  • Whoever pitched the selected book is the next month's "expert". This is not as frightening as it sounds. It usually involves having some notes about the book and the author (reviews, interviews, etc - internet research seems most popular way of doing this). After the general discussion, the expert reads from their notes and/or answers fellow members' questions.
  • Each month someone volunteers to find a venue for the following month (unless it is high summer, when we head for the park). We meet in private pub rooms - anywhere within zone 1. If this proves difficult, we have a list of places that are prepared to let us use their room free of charge. But it is always nice to discover new venues.

We have deviated little from Pritt's original vision of how the group should be run. Our only changes are the recent website and occasional daring experimentation with structure - pitching different genres, having bits of the expertise throughout the debate rather than all at the end.

In addition to this website, updates on the meetings, venues and books can be found in our Facebook group.

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